Rome Piazza

The piazza is home to one of Rome’s most important hospitals and the church of San Bartolomeo. Significant studies of the history of the square were carried out and certain Roman concepts were implemented into the redesigning of the “piazza”.At first, attention was paid on how the piazzas are enclosed and how they are being accessed. Asymmetry played an important role in the design. The major sculptural piece that was on the site was moved slightly in order to create visual access to all the entrances of this piazza. The project final concept was derived from the old Roman ruins and the typical elements that are found in the city. The style is resembling a broken arch “Ruin” and the top part is made out of roman bricks. The bottom structure which is made out of glass, increases transparency and fluidity in the space. The glass cover is designed with stone shaped mullions, representing another typical Roman material. The program used was a medical library, a cultural center and museum, to increase the value of the site and relate to it’s history.

Collaboration: Dilia Tabora

Location:   Rome, Italy